An award winning humanitarian, fitness enthusiast, ambassador for the United Nations Association of Canada, TV Show Host and Lifestyle journalist. This tenacious beauty stays busy by raising awareness about racial discrimination and promoting inclusion in youth while also fundraising for her favourite charities and taking a active role in todays media.

The year of 2016 was a whirlwind for Vanessa as she was mandatorily evacuated from her city of Fort McMurray because of the wildfires just before she was scheduled to compete for the title of Miss Universe Canada 2016. With nothing to compete with, she persevered to compete and even managed to raise money for those effected by the wildfires before heading off into competition.

For her humanitarian work and global volunteerism, the mayor and city council awarded her the 2016 Citizen Recognition Award. Noting her passion for numerous causes and charities, work in the community and for helping Fort McMurray evacuees like herself.

When she is not in front of the camera or at the gym, Vanessa keeps busy planning charity events and United Nations youth programs. She is an ambassador and project manager for their program that focuses on eradicating racial discrimination and promoting inclusion in schools. She has been able to speak with youth about anti-bullying, acceptance and confidence. And how leading a healthy, active lifestyle can have a profound effect on your well being.

Between writing lifestyle articles, hosting the Galas and Giving show, and raising awareness and funds for her favourite causes, she still finds time to compete for Miss Universe Canada. She represents Fort McMurray in the competition with pride, A deep passion for humanitarian work, an ambassador of the United Nations of Canada, media personality, model and advocate for a healthy balanced lifestyle. Vanessa hopes to use the Miss Universe Canada 2017 title as a larger platform to share her passions and work with the world.