There are numerous arrival photos of pageant girls getting to their competition with suitcases on suitcases. If you compete, you know that there is no situation you aren’t prepared for. But there are a few products that are on my absolute must have list, and I don’t head into competition without them! If you are heading off to competition soon, you ought take note!
1) Waterproof Mascara- my favorite one is from Tonos Revolution Makeup. This mascara goes on like a dream and does not budge. If you are like me and naturally tear up with any touching of your eyes then this is the stage mascara for you! 
2)Hairspray- did I even need to state this one? Well for me I did, I forgot hairspray the last 2 years in a row and needed to purchase it from the drugstore at the airport! Long story as to how I kept forgetting it, but I promise I won’t be forgetting it this year! My favorite is from Chi Haircare, Firm Hold Protecting Spray. It holds through every phase of competition, which is important cause there is a lot of hair flipping!
3) Comfortable Heels- I’m serious when I say that you will be walking and dancing more than ever before in your life. So make sure you aren’t bringing new shoes. Break those girls in at least a week before competition and make sure they really fit your feet! Last year we were given these beautiful heels sponsored from Shoes by Chavez. Literally I can change these straps to match any outfit I have! 
4)Bronzer and Highligter/Blush- With all the lights on stage, you need something to bring the dimension back into your face. Tonos Revolution Makeup also makes this great little duo for when you need to do double the work in half the time! 
5)Backups- bring backups of backups. If there is something that you must have everyday, bring 3. There aren’t many chances, if any to stop off at a drug store with 50+ delegates during a pageant and get them all back on the bus in a timely manner. Backstage there are around 70 people, and things get misplaced. So before you think that you will have an opportunity to pick up your favorite foundation during pageant week, do yourself a favor and just go get it now!
6)Safety Pins- These are a life saver for any wardrobe malfunction. And it happens to the best of us! So be ready with these little beauties and you won’t have a thing to worry about!
That’s my  list of must haves for pageant week! I better get packing!



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